The wild flowers of the Cévennes

The range of geological conditions, weather influences, aspect, exposure, habitat types and micro-climates give rise to a striking variety of vegetation and wild flowers in the Cévennes. Whilst sub-alpine species thrive on the heights of Mont Aigoual and Mont Lozère, Mediterranean plants proliferate in the Cévenol valleys and garrigue.

Within the vast limestone plateaux of 'Les Grands Causses', mediterranean and alpine species can be found within close proximity given a variation of aspect and exposure. Notable examples include the highly protected Lady Slipper Orchid (amongst 65 orchid species found on the causses), Yellow Pheasants Eye, and the endemique Gentiane de Coste and Alpine Aster (sub species caussenarde).

The granite soils of Mont Aigoual shelter the carnivorous Drosera Rotundifolia or round leaved sundew, the imposing Yellow Gentiane, Mountain Arnica, Alpine Sqills and Yellow Gagea.

However, with around 2300 plant species within the Cévennes of which 24 are endemique and 41 protected on a national level, the list is too long to begin - we suggest you discover for yourselves!